Welcome to Kung Fu Canada Federation (KFCF)

KFCF represents Canadian Kung Fu Schools and promotes all traditional Kung Fu (Traditional Wushu) Systems including external and internal systems, Northern and Southern Kung Fu styles in Canada and North America.

Kung Fu Canada Federation:

  • Works with international organizations around the world to promote Kung Fu nationally and globally.
  • Works with municipal governments to help develop Kung Fu communities and support our members.
  • Supports the development and educational needs of our members through Kung Fu Training Seminars for Students and Instructors.
  • Provides Certification for different levels of Instructors and Masters, Ranking Certification, Judges Training and Certification.
  • Promotes traditional Kung Fu’s philosophy and values, peace, friendship, zen and constant development of techniques through Achievement Awards.
  • Organizes annual Canadian Kung Fu Championships.

The Federation is one of the most authoritative respected organization in Canada Martial Art Community. It is run by a body of Masters, Sifu’s and instructors.  The founding president of the Federation is Grandmaster Augustin Ngu, a Ninth Degree Master.